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Client Objective

Regional Office43,766 SF

Regional Office
43,766 SF
Irvine, CA

With Lexus’ lease expiring in 18 months, Real Tech was engaged to identify potential cost-effective relocation options. Lexus wanted to reduce its square footage as it was no longer utilizing all of its existing premises.
Capitalizing on a commercial real estate environment that was rapidly shifting from a “landlord market” to a “tenant market,” Real Tech negotiated an early lease renewal and space contraction – a solution that immediately reduced cost and was the most cost effective overall.

Transaction Highlights

  • Immediate reduction in square footage by 18%; immediate reduction in the rental rate by 24%; landlord paid for all demising costs
  • Total monthly OpEx reduction of 38%, achieved without the CapEx associated with a relocation; also avoided the distraction and inconvenience of a move
  • Mid-term option to cancel at favorable terms

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